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Data Science Accelerated

The modern era of health analytics is built on data science. Data science merges computer science with statistics, creating new potential for extracting clinical insight from the exponentially increasing big data relevant to our patients’ health. Realizing this potential requires new capabilities and innovative technologies. For effective implementation in a healthcare setting, an Accelerator is needed to foster the development of these capabilities and technologies.

What We Do

Crucible builds the reusable tools and technologies needed to enable all organizations within the School of Medicine to harness data science for their clinical and research aims.

Crucible offers unique authorities and resources to further the development of our learning health system by increasing Duke’s capacity for health data science innovation. Modern machine learning and artificial intelligence place exceptional computational demands on an IT organization; our team appreciates these demands while understanding how they interface with healthcare workflows. We deliver the specific expertise, robust design, and novel architectures required for successful implementation of modern machine learning techniques.

We provide technical guidance and development capabilities for the complex data science problems faced by the clinical and translational science communities, while establishing security and regulatory guidelines and technical standards with institutional Leadership.

How We Work

Crucible works with creative clinicians and researchers to architect, engineer, and implement advanced data science projects.

We are designed to work in small, agile, and cross-functional project teams that understand, document, and solve the “problem” presented by each project.

In rapid succession, the team designs and fine tunes its solution through an iterative process with stakeholders. Throughout this design and development effort, the Crucible works with the broader IT organization to ensure an application’s transition to production, deployment, and support can occur seamlessly.

Our Services

Data Architecture

Services Architecture

User Interface Design

Information Modeling

UI Development

Software Engineering

API Development

Data Lake Development

Cloud Infrastructure

Implementation Services