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Dev’s First Day Guide

This page contains preliminary resources for getting started with development work at Crucible. The main goal is to provide useful information before you have any access at all to protected Duke or Crucible resources.


First, make sure you get an invitation to our Slack workspace and sign in. Then you can ask people for things you need.

Duke Account

You’ll need a Duke account and email address. Make sure someone gets this going for you if you don’t already have it.

You also need to set up MFA for your account. See this article for more details.


Many resources require you to be connected to Duke’s network. There are currently 3 VPNs that we use at the Crucible:

  • – allows you to access gitlab, not sure what else but it has limitations
  • – the main VPN most developers use, allows access to gitlab, app platform, and some Duke Health specific resources
  • – the “privileged” VPN which is necessary to access more restricted Duke Health resources. If you need to connect to this one you will need to request elevated VPN privileges.

The most straightforward way to set up a connection is to go to the endpoint in your browser (click the link above), log in, and follow the instructions to install AnyConnect. For, leave the “-Default-” choice for Department. For the Duke Health VPNs, the 2nd password is one of: key generated by Duo or Yubikey, or the word “push”, “call”, or “sms” to perform MFA via push notification, phone call, or sms.

More information on connecting to can be found here.


If you are on Linux, you may want to check out openconnect as an alternative to the official Cisco AnyConnect client for Linux. It generally seems to be more reliable.

Other Accounts

Make sure you can log in to the following accounts. If you can’t, the likely solution is to file a support ticket in Service Now, ask someone on the team to help you do this.

Next Steps

Now you can take a look at the Crucible development wiki (note: currently this is woefully out of date) and get started with some actual coding!