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Crucible App Platform

Accelerated deployment + optimized operations for healthcare applications

Designed to meet the needs of a streamlined and agile organization, the Crucible App Platform leverages industry-leading open source components in a custom infrastructure to simplify the process of deploying and managing cloud native stateless applications in a secure environment

Cloud Native

Designed from the ground up on Microsoft Azure—Leveraging cloud vendors provide cost savings while providing superior security and agility

Open Source

Built on a set of open-source components, the Crucible App Platform's components are vendor-neutral and can run on any cloud

Secure by Default

Apps run on a zero trust network with end-to-end TLS and mutual TLS authentication with zero app configuration


Continuously deploy and host apps with minimal configuration—Simple per-app configuration enforces best practices and reduces common errors


Smart resource defaults and simplified autoscaling reduce infrastructure footprint while alleviating scaling concerns for developers and operators

Infrastructure as Code

Change management happens via source control—GitOps provides cryptographically verifiable auditing of configuration changes

Powered by industry leading technologies

Originally developed by Google and now utilized by a growing open source community, Kubernetes serves as the foundation of the Crucible App Platform

Knative Serving builds on top of Kubernetes by providing higher-level abstractions for common app use cases. Serverless style autoscale including scale-to-zero and codification of best practices simplies per-app Istio configuration

Istio is a service mesh that provides zero-trust network security, incorporating transport security and auditing without the need for a network overlay

Flux serves as a GitOps controller, allowing for a more secure deployment pipeline. Changes are made via git for clear auditablity, secure CI/CD runner, and easy rollback configuration.

Bitnami Sealed Secrets enables secret management in a GitOps environment. Secrets are encrypted in Git using a Public Key Infrastructure. This allows app developers to encrypt new secrets without the ability to decrypt existing ones.

Learn More
  • Read more about the development and functionality of the Crucible App Platform in Tim Shakarian’s blog post
  • Check out the Crucible App Platform Gitlab repo (Gitlab account and Duke network connection required)