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Social Determinants of Health

North Carolina SDOH datasets in a searchable graphic interface

Health and well-being are influenced not only by individuals’ personal characteristics, but also their social and environmental contexts. Our health is influenced by many things, including:
    • Where we live, work, and play
    • Our education, employment, or housing situation
    • Our community and neighborhood
    • Poverty and institutional racism

These factors, collectively referred to as Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), are an area of increasing focus for health research.

Duke Health has the ability to curate the growing number of datasets about the population it serves that are not available anywhere else. These range from anonymized statistics created from medical records data to unique derived variables based on research.

The Social Determinants of Health platform incorporates multiple curated datasets, allowing both researchers and community members to easily access this information in a user-friendly and interactive interface. 

  • View data by neighborhood
  • Clickable map interface
  • Filter data by interest

Coming soon

  • Cross-reference multiple variables
  • Filter and visualize data
  • Download selected data in CSV

*Duke NetID required



For illustrative purposes only – metrics coming soon